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How to get started in paintball


Paintballing is a very popular sport that is beneficial to your body, fitness and health. It’s a lot more exciting than playing a video game because, as a physical sport, it requires you to run about instead of sitting on a couch and just pressing buttons on a gaming console! In the game of paintball, multiple players participate, either individually or in teams, and their primary objective is to eliminate their opponents by tagging them with ‘paintballs’. These are basically gelatin capsules that contain water-soluble dye inside them. When they come in contact with a surface, they release a vibrant splotch of color and hence the players get ‘shot’ or ‘tagged’ and are eliminated from the game.

These paintballs are made of completely non-toxic polymer, which is also biodegradable and are shot using paintball guns or markers. While this game can be played at a sporting level, it is also used for practice and training of military forces and law enforcement forces as it is the closest thing that resembles shooting someone without getting hurt.

Paintballing is a very versatile sport in the sense that it can be played on all types of terrains, be it indoor fields, outdoor locations and so on. The terrain can be an artificial one or a real one. The format of the game is also very varied, it can be a scenario play which lasts for days or a regular gameplay that lasts for a couple of minutes or hours.

pb2Those interested in finding out how to get started paintballing have obviously tried out the game before. Keep in mind that paintballing is not like any other sport, you will need to invest in the right gear because the game is all about you equipment! If you are completely new to paintball guns then you will need to research these and educate yourself well prior to making an investment in them. A great resource for this is http://www.bestpaintballgunreviewshq.com. Simply getting the most expensive and fancy-looking gears is not the solution here because these will not guarantee immaculate performance. You will need to compare the features to find out the best-performing paintball gears that are in compliance with your budget.

Learning how to get started paintballing is not difficult because you just need to have the right equipment and crowd in order to start playing. Contrary to the common misconception, it is not necessary to spend a small fortune on equipment because you can play this game even with a very small budget. Taking a look at some of the websites dedicated to reviewing paintball guns and gears would be a great way to start. The rule of thumb here is to get a gun which shoots the ammo in a straight line.

pb1While paintball guns are a primary requirement, there are other things that you need to invest such as: hopper, air tank, mask, paintballs camouflage clothing which matches the environment, allen wrenches and additional o-rings.

Masks are very important because flying paintballs can actually cause severe damage if they hit the eye. Also, make sure you get the hopper, which is a small container used for holding the paintballs inside the paintball gun. In order to ensure that the paintball fires like an actual gun, one would require an air tank comprising of compressed gas to act as propellant. This is what makes the paintballs shoot with a force strong enough to make the paintballs travel a long distance and cause light bruises on the body due to the impact it produces on coming in contact with the body of the players.

How to Become a Paintball Tourney Player

For one to be an expert in playing games then you have to engage in hard work, discipline and focus. With the following steps then you are good to go in becoming a good paintball tourney player

You have to commence by finding a marker that will assist you to begin your tournament career .It depends on your choice on whether you want to play speed ball tournaments or recreational play. When considering the former you ought to choose a gun or marker that has the required tournament modes of fire since it would be comfortable and rather simple to maintain. When interested in the latter then you have to invest in a more entry level and as time goes by you will upgrade it by getting a new model. The paintball industry release new products every year since products that have lasted for more than two years are rendered outdated but still useful.


When buying new equipment it is advisable to visit your local shop where you will be at ease to buy the kind of equipment you need.

Buying from a local shop has many merits over buying online just to mention local warranty coverage and many others .At times the local shop may not offer the kind of marker you need but the alternative is to talk to your players at your local field where you will get more information on how to find a new brand.

Practise and remember that practice makes perfect. You have to do it while keeping your shots on target as you run. Many other aspects of the game will develop with time remember that you have to be fit while playing hence check on diet and thorough workout which not only enhances your speed which is important but also keeps you healthy.


Get to be social this will help you learn more about other teams and improve your skills. You will be more perfect if you make your own team or rather join a team but you have to ensure that the group you are in fits your style and experience .Be sure to communicate with your team by making words for bunkers, people and problems before the game. The more you participate in games in these teams it would draw attention of your skills and other teams will be interested to join you. In addition make yourself invaluable to your team.

5 Tips on How To Play Paintball Like a Pro

There is no doubt about the fact that practice makes you perfect in any endeavor and games being among the major one. You can’t expect to be good at doing something yet you rarely involve yourself in that activity. Soccer players become best top scorers when they put their heart on the art of playing football. You are a fun of playing paintball but yet you have not achieved much. You should never give up because many were like you but they are now paintball pros. As a player you are advised on not to spend a lot of your hard earned cash to purchase new paintball equipment to become a pro. No! The following 5 Tips on How To Play Paintball Like a Pro will make you a kingpin of this intuitive game;

Tip 1:Your Movement

The art of playing paintball like a pro requires you to be versatile when it comes to movements. You should be ambidextrous by making sure that you can pay attention to every side where you are positioned. You are not supposed to move any how but in a smart fashion which will make sure that no one attacks you but instead you become the attacker.7-1

Tip 2: Know The Field

You cannot win big in paintball if you have no clue about the field where the game is going to take place. A few rounds on the venue will give you clues about where you will be hiding so that you can hit the enemy before he/she starts to shoot at you.

Tip 3: Get Fit

Physical fitness has been the backbone of achieving success in any activity including a simple office work. Paintball is a very involving game that requires persons who are physically fit. Prior to the game, you should have done thorough gym workouts that is perfect for your body. You cannot expect to be a pro in this game when you are known to gasp after a minute of play. Preparation in terms of workouts will make you used to running up and down the field without unnecessary gasps.


Tip 4: Own Practice

You should also practice paintball when you are alone not when you are with the entire team. It may happen that you are in the offensive side but a time comes when you are needed on the other side. You can’t deny!

Tip 5: Communication Skill

The best idea when it comes to communication is that your team should have a special form of communication that is not known by your enemies.